Bubcon Messenger

Bubcon Messenger: The Ideal Messenger With Huge Features




The BubCon messenger app is now also available for its android and iPhone. The BubCon team has gradually worked on an iOS-version for iPhone users. After a successful beta test phase of 2 weeks the BubCon Messenger has become available on Apple App Store.

"It was a long and complicated endeavor, which demanded a lot of our staff, but we have been delighted to announce that we've taken a big step forward towards at which we aim to become. Due to the innovative structure of these topics, the understanding of the iOS-version did take us more than expected. Currently the full potential of this bubcon might be tapped as Android and iOS-users can convey via the messenger.

The coolest messenger on the market! The topic feature brings architecture and clarity into your own chats. It is possible to create up to 8 themes your chats in all, making it perfect to be utilized in the regular activity, faculty, university and sometimes even for business purposes.


The worldwide unique feature lets you create up to 8 different topics in all single- and group chats. Therefore that your spouses know where to write corresponding messages. No information explosion on your chats!

Vocal And Online Video Referring To As:

Make free calls together with family and friends from all around the world. It can make no difference whether it is a video discussion or a brief voice telephone.

Hashtag Attribute:

Tag messages together with individual Hash-tags in order to locate them quicker. Every message can be found by you in your personal hash tag list. For that reason you can make use of the bubcon media as a ideal organizer at which you don't have to retrieve essential messages again.


Select between 3 innovative designs (bubble, standard, business). You've got full control over the design and can customize the colours of every conversation.

Sticker labels:

Express your emotions with trendy, funny and/or adorable decals. The stickers of the BubCon mascot are free to use for all and so they make noises! You can use them directly. It is possible to expand your decal collection.

Poll Feature:

Start a survey in friends speak to every band member. Thus you're now able to arrive at a decision much easier and quicker.


Data security is certainly one of the top priorities! Therefore, media data, all of text messages- and video calls will be transmitted via end-to-end encryption. BubCon uses encryption, and this is currently the most dependable form of communication. Nobody, except you and your partner, has use of your own files, messages and websites.


The messenger app stands for reliability and supreme quality standards and is developed according to the legal basis. This is why we use servers exclusively in Germany. We want to highlight that we do not pass on your computer data to third parties. As a result of encryption technology neither we nor anyone else gets use of your sent messages, files and press.

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